Business Owners of the Year, celebrating 15 years in business

When Scott and Ryan Stara started Revolution Wraps in 2004, they had no idea where it would take them. Fifteen years, two locations, and almost 40 employees later, we continue to partner with clients to build bigger brands.

2019 was a year of celebration and growth for Revolution Wraps. We had the pleasure of working with companies across the country, Nebraska, and in Lincoln and Omaha. The connections we have made have been invaluable and we have enjoyed the partnerships that have formed.

Fifteen years have come and gone with a lot of ups, downs, and many reasons to celebrate. Most recently, Scott and Ryan were awarded the LIBA 2019 Business Owner of the Year award. Being recognized for doing what they love every day is an honor. They love working with businesses and individuals in the community.

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Along with receiving the LIBA award, Revolution Wraps celebrated 15 years in several different ways. First, we hosted an open house evening at both our Lincoln and Omaha/La Vista locations. Current and potential customers had an opportunity to tour the shops, learn about our capabilities, and enjoy refreshments. The company also hosted a companywide golf outing. We spent an afternoon taking our best swings and enjoying each other’s company. We also celebrated by hiring our 39th employee and wrapping more than 18,000 vehicles to date.

The success of Revolution Wraps is due, in part, to the core values the company was built on: Impossible, Power of Positive, We Make it Happen, Others First, and Make it Perfect. These five values, which Scott and Ryan deeply believe in, have shaped the company into what it is today. The solid base provided by the core values allows employees and customers to thrive.

We will continue to use the core values to build on its success for the next 15 years. We are excited to take on projects that challenge us and make us think outside the box. We will also continue to celebrate milestones and build the company culture. We are more than just a printing company; we are a family.