Cost-Effective Solutions For Your Business

One of our Core Values is “We Make it Happen.” This means we do what we say, aim high, and think big. We work with our clients to make their graphic dreams come true and stay within their budget. There are several interior and exterior solutions for clients who are ballin’ on a budget that still look beautiful!

Interior Solution

We love using Silicon Edge Graphics (SEG) + Frames in offices because they look great, are affordable, and the graphic can be switched out easily. The upfront cost is a little more because of the frame, but if you ever need to switch the graphic out, producing a new one is pretty affordable.

This type of signage has two moving parts: a frame and fabric print. The frame is mounted to the wall at the appropriate size. The fabric graphic has a strip of silicon sewn to it that tucks into the frame. The result is a beautifully printed graphic to contribute to the atmosphere of your office!

Exterior Solution

J-channel frames are a great, cost-effective solution for exterior signage. Similar to the SEG + Frame, these are a two-part system involving a frame and rigid substrate, such as metal or plastic, that are easy to switch out if needed. We install the frame directly to your building and slide the printed substrate into the frame. This style of sign is limited to squares or rectangles. The design is printed directly to the substrate for a clean and polished look and can be front or backlit.

Sizing Solutions

One simple way to keep cost low on projects is to resize graphics so they fit in the confines of our material. While we can be very creative on how things are produced, we are also restricted to the sizes our materials come in. For example, the majority of our substrates come in 4ft x 8ft sheets. So, if your graphic is larger than 8ft the cost will increase because we will have to use a second sheet. This doesn’t mean that we can’t produce things larger than our sheets, it just means that reducing the overall size of a graphic to work with our material size will save on the number of sheets we have to use, thereby saving money.