Creating Various Designs for Your Vehicle Wraps: Helping You Hone Your Message

Creating Various Designs for Your Vehicle Wraps: Helping You Hone Your Message

Over the last year, we’ve had many clients learn to appreciate what a vehicle wrap can do to help a business vehicle look more professional and present a compelling company message. Some of those clients didn’t really know what a wrap was prior to us showing them. They realized that vehicle wraps are essentially affordable billboards to place on your fleet vehicles. No matter where those vehicles go, passers-by can see graphics surrounding the body of a truck, van, or business car.

Those clients soon recognized the difference between a professional wrap and a slipshod one. Some of our clients attempted to create vehicle graphics on their own, only to realize that it looked like something resembling clip art. Even worse, if they went to a more amateur installation company, not properly installing a vehicle wrap can give a completely unprofessional appearance.

Above all, though, shaping a company message in the graphics became centrally important. They saw that when you have a graphic design team working closely with you, it’s possible to achieve a wrap bringing something unique.

Here at Revolution Wraps, we’re a 3M certified installation company of vehicle wraps that understands one design of your wrap isn’t necessarily final. It’s why we always create several designs when we work with you and before you make a final decision.

Take a look at how this works and what we’ll do to incorporate your business message into a wrap that catches every eye.

Finding the Core of Your Message

When you work together with our graphic design team, you’re going to enjoy the collaboration process. Our team is easy to work with, and they have true expertise in how to find a core message that works in the proper context of a vinyl wrap. We look at numerous things to determine your message, including scoping out various objects you can use relating to your company.

You don’t want to get overly basic on objects since it can make you look overly generic if you’re not careful. We’ll help you find objects that correlate without being overly obvious or plain.

Next, we’ll try to create a logo and how you can use it to encapsulate everything about yourself. Placement of your logo on the vehicle matters in the impression it brings when seen from the back, the sides, or the front.

Using the Right Typography

The text you place on your wrap should always look enticing and use branding colors or designs representing your overall business style. You’ll be amazed at the amount of fonts available when you work with our graphic design team. There aren’t any limitations in finding exactly what you need so the typography on your business title and other information ties in perfectly.

Color is extremely important in both your text and graphics, so we’ll work with you on different color blends for the best reactions. Our flatbed printer can do large-size items and print wraps with colorful vibrancy so it turns heads when seen up close or from a distance.

Making Your Final Choice

The process we use to help you make your final choice works by emailing you several different completed designs. We give you the freedom to study each design and pick which one you want to use. All images we provide give you a real-world view of what your vehicle wrap looks like when installed so you won’t have any second-guessing.

Unlike other vinyl wrap companies, we don’t force you to stick with one final design. When you need revisions, we’ll keep working until you’re sure you have exactly what you want.

Contact us here at Revolution Wraps and we’ll get our graphic design team working with you on finding wrap ideas when you don’t know where to start.