How can your business use decorative window films

As a business ourselves, we know you are continually looking for new ways to increase brand visibility and impact. As glass has become an essential asset in office design, more commercial businesses are using decorative film to improve the visual appeal of both the exterior and interior of their buildings and store locations.


Continue reading to learn more about decorative glass film and how you can use it in your business to customize and enhance glass interiors and exteriors to highlight your brand.


What Exactly is Decorative Glass Film?


Decorative glass film is like wallpaper for glass windows and doors. It can be applied to a variety of glass surfaces, in a variety of designs, and its strong adhesive allows it to remain intact for years. Many patterns and opaque options exist as well, so you can increase or decrease visibility through the glass and choose whatever design will help promote your business the best.


Examples of Different Decorative Film Uses


Frosted Window Film

Conference room glass door with privacy film installed


Decorative film installation is an affordable alternative to etched or frosted privacy glass. At a fraction of the cost, you can achieve the same lasting impression and save money to use on other projects. Frosted window film comes in a variety of designs from modern geometrics to natural scenic images.


A company logo design is a great way to increase privacy in your storefront glass while also highlighting your company logo in a subtle and welcoming way. Frosted film can also be used in reception areas and conference rooms to enhance your business’ professional feel.


Frosted Glass on a Conference Room

Benefits of adding frosted window film to glass in your office space include added privacy, enhanced design, increased safety through holding the glass together, protection against ultraviolet rays, and more!


You can discover a variety of customizable designer films from Madico®’s Decolite collection.


Printable Decorative Film Patterns


Maybe your business is looking to add more color to your space with murals and patterns. Custom Printable Decorative Film patterns might be the right option for you. They can be used to accent the architectural structure of the building and create a welcoming environment for customers.


High-end boutique store front

Advantages of Madico®’s printable film patterns include UV ray blocking ability and scratch-resistant coating for high traffic areas. Many businesses apply this type of decorative film to retail windows and displays, doctors’ offices, lobbies and elevators, passenger transport glass, and many other surfaces!


Explore the array of printable decorative film patterns that Madico® has to offer, along with features and specifications, with our helpful product guide.



Black Out Window Film


Commercial office building entryway with glass doors and windows covered in decorative Black Out window film

If your business is looking to present a sleeker look or wants to block out an outside view, Black Out Window Films may be the way to go. Black Out Window Film can be used to create an environment of exclusivity, helping high-end end brands promote and atmosphere luxury and privacy.


Black Out film by Madico® keeps out 100% of light and makes an excellent choice for office buildings, restaurants, and retail storefronts.


Other Uses of Decorative Film

Decorative glass films can be beneficial in bringing images or photography to life via translucent image films. You can make a glass window or door appear textured as well with a classic textured window film. The possibilities are endless.



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