How EOS helped us build company culture

When we implemented EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) in January 2017, the goal was to implement a process that would help the business run more efficiently. We put into effect department meetings, created Core Values, and established an organizational chart.

“We realized that as we really started to grow, we needed to all be on the same page and growing in the same direction,” said, Ryan Stara, vice president and CFO. “EOS helped us create a structure and process through an established mission, core target audience, regular meetings, and quarterly reviews, among other things.”

What we didn’t expect from EOS was to help us create a strong sense of culture.

EOS taught us how to be collaborative. We learned how to share our opinions and how to listen to each other. This, naturally, lead to more ideas being shared. Through the use of weekly department (L10) meetings and quarterly goals (Rocks), we have been able to hold regular culture building events and create a family-like atmosphere. Some of these events include small, company-wide on-site events, company-wide off-site outings, department outings, and giving back opportunities.

We have had several employees create Rocks that involve planning a certain number of activities per quarter. These activities include off-site activities, potlucks, contest style lunches, such as a chili cookoff, and a Summer step challenge. The chili cookoff, held every November, is a particular favorite and includes a trophy and bragging rights for the winner. These small, seemingly insignificant events have become an integral part of the company’s culture. They allow up to step away from our work and get to know each other on a personal level. They also provide us with things to look forward to each year, as most events are held annually.

Company-wide off-site outings are normally coupled with our company-wide quarterly meetings. A fan favorite is the annual golf outing normally held in the Fall. While we are all average golfers, at best, an afternoon spent hitting balls, driving golf carts, and having a few drinks brings us all closer together. Because teams are randomly drawn, we also get to spend time with people we don’t normally interact with during the workday.

Team bonding events have also become a staple in each department. These smaller events allow us to bond with the people we work the closest with and help boost morale. While these events were easier pre-Covid, some have included bowling, Top Golf, afternoons with alpacas, disc golf, and afternoons spent crafting. Each department supervisor tries to select events that the entire team will enjoy, which leads to a wide variety of activities.

Our Core Values are our guiding, day-to-day force, so it only makes sense that we allow them to shape our culture. The Core Value we leaned into the most to help us build culture, especially in 2020, has been Others First. We have rallied behind our community and supported other small businesses in a variety of ways. This has helped create a strong sense of community at the shop because we realize our work is helping others. We’ve learned that we rise by lifting others.

Moving into 2021 we are excited to continue growing as a family. While the pandemic has changed some of our annual events, we have so much to look forward to. Our annual holiday party is being transformed to a Summer barbecue and grill out. The warmer weather will also let us roll the grill out on Friday afternoons and enjoy a drink in the sun.