Imagery to Use in Your Trade Show Display for Attracting the Most Visitors

Imagery to Use in Your Trade Show Display for Attracting the Most Visitors

An effective trade show display goes a long way in attracting visitors to your table the minute those people step in the door. Because we’re living in a more competitive business environment than we ever have, it’s more than likely you’ll have a sea of competing booths around you selling the same things you are. When this happens, you’re officially lost within all the noise unless you can stand out from the crowd.

Here at Revolution Wraps, we’ll help you bring uniqueness with numerous trade show displays that provide endless creative options. Essentially, all of our trade show displays are large canvases for placing compelling imagery there so you best represent your business.

You still need some creative guidance on how those images work in context with the display. No matter the size from small to very large, we have what you need.


Trade show banners might sound overly common, though they’re still as effective as ever thanks to the quality materials they have. Vinyl banners are the best in the marketplace because images print very vividly on vinyl surfaces. This works well when you want to use banners for specific purposes.

Many of our clients like using flag banners because they’re easily usable both outdoors or indoors. With our digital printing techniques, you can print your company logo on a flag banner in bright, vivid color and hang it outside. As visitors arrive in the parking lot, they’ll already see your banner there so they have you in mind before going in the door.

While this is large-scale, banners also come in retractable form on stands for ground use. These retractable banners are one of the greatest inventions because they’re so easy to set up and take down. When you’re traveling, having a banner that folds down into a light base helps make life so much easier. Plus, imagery on these are just as vibrant.

We also provide hanging banners for use around walls of your trade show booth. You won’t believe how much the imagery pops out on these, even though choosing the imagery to use requires some imagination.

Images of people you’ve helped in your business, your staff, or even detailed images of your product are popular choices. The choice is yours, and we’ll help you determine how well they’ll look based on the dimensions or angles of the banner display.

Table Throws

Digital printing on table throws is just as bright and detailed as you’ll see on banners. These work great when you need more color or imagery around your booth and all you have are plain-looking tables. Many table throws fit snugly so they look like they’re almost floating in space.

Using detailed imagery, you can almost create the illusion the image is real. It’s quite impressive when you’re showcasing a product on your table or want certain colors or graphics representing your brand.

Truss Displays and Backwall Systems

These are the larger forms of trade show displays that garner attention from afar. Truss displays get placed over large frames and look like giant wall murals. When you have a large-size picture of your product on a truss display, you capture attention already from multiple feet away. You can even make these large enough where they’re easily seen at the venue’s entrance.

The same goes for backwall systems made of fabric as an option for more imagery vividness. Your only creative option is figuring out what images you want at this size. With our guidance, we’ll show you what works best so the viewer sees all of the images at once rather than only part of it as they approach your table.

Contact us here at Revolution Wraps and we’ll show you the way toward an effective trade show display with compelling images for both large and small spaces.

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