Plumbing Van Wraps: Making the design stand out for a unique brand

Plumbing Van Wraps: Making the design stand out for a unique brand

Plumbing van wraps are a popular niche here at Revolution Wraps that we proudly bring to you with more affordability and installation efficiency. Because we’re a 3M certified installer of vehicle wraps, you can assure your wrap gets installed right the first time. We’re also your top creative team for your van wrap design so you stand out from the other plumbing vans passing you on the street every day.

When it comes to those other vans, you’ve perhaps noticed one thing: Far too many of them look a little unprofessional. Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences with this yourself because you thought you’d save money.

In the above regard, we’re talking van wraps looking as if they came from Photoshop than from a true professional. This includes standard plumbing images that resemble clip art rather than something unique. Ultimately, using the aforementioned images doesn’t help on branding because it won’t distinguish yourself from being any different from your competitors.

The key to a successful plumbing business is creating a unique visual brand that everyone identifies with whenever they see it. With this in mind, we’ll work with you and find the strongest attributes about your plumbing business. Then we’ll incorporate these elements into your plumbing van wrap so you’ll always turn heads rather than just blend in.

Finding the Right Visuals That Represent You

One thing you don’t want to do is create visual clutter. Even if you’re tempted to smother your van with compelling imagery, it’s best not to overwhelm the viewer. While this all depends on the context of your branding message, it’s best to bring a little more subtlety to your graphic design.

The first thing we’ll help you with is finding images that best represent you. This doesn’t mean automatically choosing standard images of plumbing tools. It’s time to think a little more creatively and perhaps being more relational than using automatic images of water pipes and wrenches.

Many of our clients now use mascots representing the guise of a plumber. Whether it’s an anthropomorphic image of an animal or object, these work well because they carve out an individual identity for you. The mascot may also represent other unique aspects you bring to your plumbing business.

The great news is that our wraps get printed digitally and on a material allowing them to pop out as if in 3D. Colors are vibrant, which is another important part of your branding as a plumber. We’ll help you incorporate proper colors so you’re easily recognizable everywhere you go. We can even apply wraps enveloping your van all in one color as a base to your other images.

How Much Text Should You Use?

While applying text in your wrap depends on what type of design you have, it’s best not to list all your services on the van. Having too much information there only makes it harder for passers-by to read. It’s best to think more visually about the plumbing services you offer. Through simple imagery showing a particular situation or service, you tell customers everything without having to explain.

What’s most important is placing your contact information prominently so people can instantly contact you. Because far too many businesses neglect this, we’ll help you make all contact information easily noticeable. For a plumbing business, you want your phone number to stand out on your wrap for obvious reasons.

Making Your Message Easy to Understand

You don’t want to make the images on your plumbing van wrap overly confusing either. Sometimes mascots or other imagery become a little too inside for the viewer to understand. It’s best to keep it simple, plus universal. For help, we’ll show you our portfolio of other wrap designs we’ve done for plumbing vans as a demonstration.

Contact us here at Revolution Wraps and we’ll create a design on your plumbing van that makes compelling sense while showing careful thought in professionalism.