Reasons Why Trailer Graphics Are Better Than Advertising on a Billboard

Reasons Why Trailer Graphics Are Better Than Advertising on a Billboard

You’ve perhaps given up advertising on billboards recently because it’s simply become too expensive to handle for your budget. Especially in an era where LED billboards are becoming the norm in many cities, the price of advertising on one seems only reserved for those with deeper pockets. For you, paring down your budget is the smartest thing to do, particularly because you don’t really need a billboard to advertise effectively.With trailer graphics using the vinyl wrap process, you have a new world of advertising potential that beats billboards in many ways. Now that digital billboards cost anywhere from $3,500 to $25,000 every four weeks, you don’t have to spend anywhere near the maximum amount in a year on trailer graphics. When you use these graphics as part of your fleet vehicles, you open an amazing new creative canvas.

The Visuals vs. a Billboard

When you use vinyl graphics on any surface, you’re guaranteed eye-popping clarity in the printing quality. Here at Revolution Wraps, we use large, flat-bed printers for many types of large-scale printing. This includes graphics for trailers that you perhaps use for traveling in your business, or for delivering products across the country.

No matter what the dimensions are, we’ll place graphics in any shape or form on your trailer’s surface. Using the vinyl wrap process that uses a light adhesive, it mimics the look of an actual paint job. Thanks to vibrant colors and clarity as a result, images pop out almost as if alive. It’s here where you have a lot of advantages compared to billboards.

While it’s true that LED billboards have animation capability, it’s merely a distraction for many drivers. A vivid, colorful image draws just as much attention as anything moving. The imagery on your trailer will definitely turn heads, whether you decide to use images of people, objects, or natural surroundings.

Many of our clients choose to use images of things relating to their business and enlarge them enough to garner attention. A large image of a person, for instance, could show one of your employees or someone you’ve helped in your business. A non-human object blown up to large size sets a sometimes amusing mood when seen wrapped around your trailer. Even scenes of nature on your trailer truly stun when seen from far away or up close.

The Advertising Reach vs. a Billboard

Billboards stand in one place, so you have to hope the demographics you want to reach drive by that billboard more than once. With trailer graphics, you have an advertising method going everywhere you travel. The odds of your intended audience seeing it are much greater if your trailers are constantly on the road visiting places or delivering goods.

When you clearly place contact information on your trailer (something to strongly consider), prospective customers may also contact you on the spot. In a mobile era, people are bound to look you up online or call you while on the road themselves. This gives even more important correlation to the visuals you use to entice them.

More Dimensional Advertising vs. a Billboard

If you have a large trailer, consider you have four sides available for imagery capturing driver attention. You could include a fifth side if you place images on the trailer’s roof.

Many clients surround their trailers with graphics so it almost resembles a 3D-like art project. It’s more than possible to create lifelike illusions on your trailer graphics so you’ll stand out in traffic amid a sea of ordinary cars and trucks.

The greatest thing is that we can remove those vinyl graphics easily when you need to make a change. This already saves you money, time, plus increasing the value of your trailer.

Contact us here at Revolution Wraps and we’ll work with you to create a design on your business trailer that you and everyone seeing it will love.


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