Roofing Company Truck Wraps Vastly Increase Public Visibility

Roofing Company Truck Wraps Vastly Increase Public Visibility

Roofers often struggle to get their names into the public consciousness. This is because these companies face many obstacles when it comes to this goal. They’re known for reshingling work, which is typically only needed every few decades. More serious roofing jobs are even rarer. Even though the companies also offer repairs and inspections, many people don’t even think of these things unless they’re getting rained on while sitting inside their houses. Due to these factors, most people don’t pay much attention to roofers until they actually need one. How can the companies make sure their names come to mind when that need finally arises?

For a roofing company, truck wraps offer the perfect solutions. The visibility of these wraps vastly exceeds that of the traditional roofer’s advertising. That advertising commonly involves the placement of a tiny sign that people can’t even read if they’re driving by at normal road speeds. Such signs also tend to last only until the homeowner mows the lawn. At that time, they are pulled up and thrown away in order to make way for the lawnmower. Truck wraps avoid both of these problems. They’re eye-catching, easy to read with the right design, and will last as long as the truck does.

Truck Wraps Are Highly Memorable When Done Properly

This is a crucial factor for any advertising. It needs to be designed in such a way that it’ll be remembered for months or even years to come. This is especially important for roofers because it can be a long time before someone who sees the ad actually needs the service. Therefore, it takes a bit more than simply using the wrap format to make the ad work.

Roofers must make use of the full capabilities of that format to get the job done. Add full-color pictures of roofs, a roofing crew, or something else that’ll make people really look. If repairs are your bread and butter, try using pictures of roof damage or your crew at work fixing it – these images will be unexpected enough to turn heads. Also, make sure to use high-resolution images so they really stand out. Make sure your company’s name and phone number aren’t lost among the imagery, though! It’s best to put the contact details off to the side or above the main image. Using the sky as a backdrop works well because high contrast can be obtained.

Wrapped Trucks Are Billboards Even When They’re Not Rolling Anywhere

Everyone can imagine the trucks getting views while they’re on the road or in a customer’s driveway. What many people forget is that they’re also billboards when they’re sitting in the company parking lot. Don’t hide your trucks in the back when they’re between jobs or while the company is closed. Park one or two in the front whenever possible so everyone who passes your place of business will really see what you do. This is a great solution in places where sign ordinances would restrict more traditional advertising, but it works great everywhere else, too.

Make Wraps Part of Your Overall Advertising Strategy

Combining eye-catching advertising like this with effective choices from the traditional publicity arsenal will do much to get your company noticed, and more importantly, remembered for the long term. To make the effects even more powerful, make sure all of your ads have a unifying element. For example, use part of the same picture for all of your advertising so people can visualize it when they realize they need a roofer long after having noticed your truck. Then, even if they have to look up your name, they’ll know they have the right company when they see that picture again.

To learn more about truck wraps and other printed advertising options, just contact us. We’ll be happy to put a package together that will make your brand pop!