Supporting Each Other in 2020

As a company, we are always up for a challenge; many of our clients can confirm this. We prefer to face challenges head-on, with a plan and a positive spirit. When Covid hit in March 2020 we knew we would have to call up some of the same gumption we’ve used time and time again.


2019 Business of the Year

In mid-March, about a week before everything started shutting down, we were lucky enough to be awarded the LIBA 2019 Business Owner of the Year. On the cusps of this incredible award and a global pandemic, we knew we had to turn our attention to where it mattered most, the local community. As people who live and work in these communities, we jumped at the opportunity to give back to them.


Yard Sign Campaign

Because “Power of Positive” is one of our Core Values, we knew sharing positive messages, internally and externally, was going to help us navigate these uncertain times. We started our positive campaign with yard signs sharing upbeat and inspiring messages. We passed these signs out to our families and friends and made them available to the public for free. Messages included “Storms don’t last forever,” “Positivity! Not Cancelled,” “Thank you, Frontline Responders,” and “Look After You Neighbors.” As we started seeing these signs around town they always brought a smile to our faces. We hope those who saw them enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed making them.


Helping Our Neighbors

Once we started seeing other small businesses being affected by the pandemic, we knew we had to do something to help the shops, restaurants, and bars we loved going to. One of the biggest hurdles these small businesses faced was making sure their customers knew they were still open and offering modified services. We produced free signs and banners that had messages such as “Free Delivery,” “Curbside Pickup,” and “No Contact Delivery.” Each business received two yard signs and one banner to help them communicate changes with their customers. Between the Lincoln and Omaha area, we had 75 businesses reach out to us for signs and banners.


Graduation Signs

Covid turned a lot of things upside down and we were there to roll with the punches. One casualty of Covid was high school graduations. Thousands of seniors weren’t going to have their time in the sun as those before them did. As a way to celebrate them, we offered custom yard signs with the senior’s name and school. These were a great way to recognize these seniors’ hard work!


Brand Revolution

As the pandemic continued into the Summer, it became clear that additional help was needed to support local businesses. In July 2020, we launched the Brand Revolution Giveaway, which would be awarded to one Lincoln or Omaha business and included a brand refresh valued at $15,000. There were a total of 23 businesses and non-profits that applied. We selected the Belmont Community Center (BCC) in Lincoln as a winner. We have been able to provide the BCC a logo, brand standards, signage, and stationary. A new website is also in the works with the help of our partner, Skwintz. We are excited about the impact an established brand will have on the organization and the Lincoln community. We can’t wait to see them flourish.


While 2020 has had its challenges, we are thankful for the opportunity it has given us to lean into our communities. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our communities are resilient, strong, and better together. And we are so happy to be part of them.