Why You Benefit Having a 3M Certified Installation Company Install Your Signs or Graphics

If you’re not familiar with what a 3M certified installation company is, it’s something to keep in mind when you hire someone to install signs or vehicle wraps. You’ve perhaps had some bad experiences with other installers in the past, particularly when they had overly limited warranties. Maybe you had a specialized sign installed, or had graphics placed on a specified surface in your company, only to find out the final result didn’t look right. The graphics were possibly misaligned or had another flaw that became too expensive to fix.

The same goes with above-mentioned wraps on your fleet vehicles. A vehicle wrap company without any installation certification might place the graphics wrong so they looked off-center. When you asked to have it re-done, the company probably charged you an extra fee for the work. As a result, it probably taught you a harsh lesson about checking for installation credentials.

No doubt you’re aware of 3M as the major multinational conglomerate that manufactures some of the most important products in the world. With their graphics installation programs, they provide an assurance that when you have graphics installed, you’ll have it done right the first time.

Here at Revolution Wraps, we’re proud to say we’re a 3M certified installer with a huge difference in the way we install graphics. With our designation, we want to show you the mistakes that could potentially happen when you don’t work with a 3M certified team.

Using various sign and graphics options available from us, let’s take a look at why proper installation is everything when you need graphics applied in a hurry.

Installing Vehicle Wraps Correctly

Vehicle wraps become more popular all the time in our company because of their affordability compared to billboards and other forms of advertising. They’re certainly easy to apply (and remove) thanks to a light adhesive material. Nevertheless, someone who doesn’t understand how to place them correctly could cause a major blunder that’s either embarrassing or costly.

Since wraps get applied in different sections around a vehicle, just one piece not installed properly could lead to a gaffe in how your business title looks. As mentioned above, a misaligned installment could make your vehicle wrap look disjointed and unprofessional.

The beauty of vehicle wraps is that the graphics look like a professional paint job on your company trucks. It ruins the magic of the vibrant imagery when one piece of your wrap gets applied incorrectly.

One thing 3M certified installers also know how to do is remove your wraps properly. Not removing them correctly could potentially cause damage to the exterior of your vehicle.

We’ll apply these same, uniform installation principles to your fleet vehicles when you need wraps on dozens of trucks, vans, or cars.

Boat Wraps

Another popular graphics option with our clients is boat wraps that work the same way as wraps on vehicles. They can additionally have problems if not applied correctly, including falling off the boat as you drive at high-speed. Even though wraps use adhesives, they still need an expert installer to assure they’ll stay on since they’ll be exposed to water and stronger wind drafts.

The last thing you want is a misaligned boat wrap graphic or a piece of the wrap falling off into the water during an important promotional event.

Window and Floor Graphics

Graphics on your company windows or floors are just as popular as vehicle and boat wraps. They also use a light adhesive process for application that can easily instigate mistakes without an expert in charge. Because these types of graphics can make a huge impact on people as they enter your business, you want the images to look perfect and not a ruined illusion.

Most of the graphics we apply bring illusions that make people stop and take notice of the amazing artwork involved. When they do, they’ll notice the details on how professional the installation was

Contact us here at Revolution Wraps so we can install your graphics in the right way. When you visit us, we’ll show you our 3M certifications as definitive proof so you can always depend on us as your graphics installer leader.