Flat-Bed Printing Allows High-Quality Imagery on Materials with Unique Shapes

The concept of flat-bed printing on various surfaces is something you’ve perhaps heard about, though without knowledge of the technical details. Here at Revolution Wraps, we want to take the time for you to understand exactly what flat-bed printing is and how much of an amazing tool it is for printing imagery on things you didn’t know you could use. It’s an opportunity for you to do some unique business advertising in ways not always considered.

Explaining how flat-bed printing works isn’t as complicated as you might think. A flat-bed printer is exactly what it sounds like, namely a wide, flat platform on the printer where you can place large, flat objects to print. As long as the item you print on is within the allowable dimensions, the possibilities for graphics are endless. You can print on surfaces that, in a different era, could only be painted on by hand.

On our flat-bed printer, you can print on items up to 5′ x 20′ in width and up to 2.5 inches in thickness. This provides an amazing opportunity for you that we’ll help you achieve with various creative options.

Different Surfaces That Work on the Flat-Bed Printer

Less than a decade ago, if you wanted to apply graphics to a wooden surface, you had to hire a professional painter to do it. Then you had the issue of those painted graphics becoming permanent, which was a hassle when you wanted to change your design after several months or years.

In the age of digital printing and flat-bed printers, you can print directly on any wooden surface. Whether it be a wooden piece you’ll attach to a wall, or even a thin door, you can print your logo and other visuals there with amazing clarity.

The reason clarity is so good is we use UV curable inks so images pop out almost like 3D. This makes your larger-form printing on surfaces all the more valuable since people will be able to see the imagery you use from a considerable distance.

On surfaces like vinyl, acrylic, or glass, you have even more possibility of making images stand out thanks to our use of white ink. This gets used as overcoat, undercoat, or as a spot color so you get even more vibrancy on the graphics you choose.

Other Surfaces You Can Print On

One popular option that many of our clients choose now is printing digital images on garage doors. Again, this wouldn’t have been possible before the age of these printers. With many businesses using garage doors, you can imagine how striking imagery on one looks. For a car repair business, or any company utilizing a garage for their services, our flat-bed printer is big enough to accommodate small to mid-size garage doors.

Another option becoming popular with our customers is printing on tiles. Ceiling tiles, in particular, are a perfect surface for applying graphics advertising a product or just to create a unique effect in your store. We’ve had some clients get overly creative and apply a sky effect with their ceiling tiles. Others skip mimicking reality and just print unique images of their products as a different way to gain customer attention.

You also have regular doors that easily fit on the flat-bed printer. No matter if your door has glass or wood, we can easily print any imagery there. While many businesses prefer printing their logo and business title on their doors, you can print anything you want to convey a company message or emotion.

Ultimately, the more colors you use, the bolder the image becomes for a significant company statement.

Contact us here at Revolution Wraps if you have questions about flat-bed printing and how it works. Let us demonstrate the process for you and how it’s going to change your approach to how you advertise.