School Safety Window Film

School Safety

Protect Your School from Intruders through 3M Security Window Film

Installing security window film prolongs the time it takes an intruder to make it inside, buying time for your staff and students to get to safety and for police to respond.

How can safety window film help protect your school?

As an educator, school administrator, and teacher, you spend much of your day focused on the well-being of your students and staff. School safety is a topic that weighs heavily into daily conversations in communities and school districts across the nation. And for a good reason. Since Columbine in 1999, the US has seen over 375 school shootings. There were 46 school shooting incidents in 2022, the highest number since Columbine. Sadly, 2024 may be shaping up to top that record, according to Education Week’s School Shooting Tracker.

3M™ Safety window film by Revolution Wraps can help provide a critical layer of protection for your school — without breaking your schedule or budget. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Cost-effective Solution

Safety and Security window film is significantly more cost-effective than replacing all windows and doors, adding bulletproof glass, or wire-reinforced glass.

Promotes positive learning enviroment

The optical clarity of safety window film and numerous tint options allow natural light in to stimulate creativity and productivity for students and staff. Sun control can be selected to help reduce glare and eye strain.

Fortifies entry points

The micro-layered, tear-resistant film from 3M holds glass together, hindering intruders from entering thru broken glass and gaining extra response time for first responders.

Reduces energy consumption & utility costs

Combine safety window film with Sun Control tinting options to reduce glare, reject heat and UV rays while reducing heating and cooling costs.

Mitigates dangers of broken glass

Protects people and property from flying glass shards during blasts or weather-related events by holding broken glass in place to prevent injuries.

Quick & Simple Installation

nstallation in most schools can happen in just a few days and can be applied over existing glazing by certified installer such as Revolution Wraps



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