Roofing Company Truck Wraps: Creating a Perfect Design Balance for Uniqueness

Perhaps you’ve been searching for roofing company truck wraps, yet found disappointment from other graphics companies in terms of quality. It’s true some overly budget businesses offering vehicle wraps sometimes don’t understand design and create graphics that look more like clip art. This type of unprofessional work should never be tolerated, especially when you can get the best wraps, design, and proper installation for affordable rates.

We offer those elements here at Revolution Wraps where we have a large portfolio of truck wraps for roofing companies proving our design expertise. We’re also a 3M certified wrap installer, so you have assurance our installation is always done accurately.

Finding the proper design for your truck wrap, however, requires some astute thought on your part with some suggestions from our side. The problem of clutter in a roofing company truck wrap is always there, and we’ll show you how to bring a perfect balance to your design. We’ll also guide you toward what to add or eliminate so you turn heads rather than blend in with competing vehicles on the road.

Strategic Placement of Your Title and Contact Info

While this is the most basic element of your truck wrap, both your business name and contact info could easily get lost to the eye with an overly busy design. It’s best to use bright or at least bold fonts for your business title and for any other important information. Many of our roofing company clients place their business name along the side doors of their trucks, then their contact info on the back side.

Many businesses forget to make their contact info stand out, so find a spot that stands alone. Also, keep contact info simple as in only your phone number. Social media information or even a website aren’t usually the first places people turn to when they need roofing done. In many cases, people need roofing work done in emergency situations, so calls are where most people will contact you.

Finding Unique Branding Colors or Mascots

It doesn’t hurt being a little flashy on your roofing company truck wrap, though you can still be this way without too much clutter. The secret is using a colorful surrounding wrap enveloping your truck, then more simple lettering for information.

We’re able to completely surround your truck in a color or pattern of your choice. This resembles a real paint job, yet it’s actually a material with a simple adhesive for convenient installation and removal when needed.

Once you have a background color or pattern in place, you have a base branding color people will recognize everywhere your truck travels. This also leaves room for a mascot to further distinguish you from other roofing companies. While mascots are a personal preference, they help create a unique picture of you rather than using overly basic images of roofers or roofing material.

Organizing Information About Your Services

Some roofing businesses make the mistake of using their truck wrap to list every service they offer. This isn’t necessary, and most viewers won’t read it all. Just state the things you know will bring in the most revenue. You’ve perhaps seen other roofing trucks that list their services in bullet point form using one or two words for each. If overly standard, it encapsulates everything into a small space without using too much text.

You can further encapsulate what makes you unique by using a motto that utilizes a promise. Don’t just state the obvious and instead promise something your competitors usually don’t.

Showing Proof of Your Worth

A great option to include on your truck wrap is proof of any awards you’ve received or recognition of your work. It doesn’t hurt to include this statement alone in a prominent place on your truck so you show proof you’re the best in the industry. Evidence from customers is all it takes to convince someone to choose you over the other roofing company with less interesting graphics.

Contact us here at Revolution Wraps and we’ll create a truck wrap for your roofing company that’s guaranteed to stand out in the traffic crowd.