What Kind of Businesses Would Benefit the Most from Wall Murals

Having a wall mural placed in your company store might sound like an overly artistic statement when you’re used to more conservative marketing tactics. Yet, in the time we’re living in, visuals are everything in capturing rapt attention. With so much going on creatively in marketing (both online and off), you need to set an artistic statement. Videos are perhaps the moving wall murals of the online world when it comes to visual marketing. Regardless, being different in your brick & mortar store breaks the routine from what everybody else uses.

In other shops and stores, overly general signage still gets used while trying to convey the company brands. Despite creativity still being applicable in regular store signage, it’s usually on a smaller scale. A wall mural is a giant canvas where you provide a visually stunning approach that captures attention of those who’ve seen it all.

Much of this is thanks to the superior graphics quality available in wall murals where images pop out at the viewer. These aren’t simple paintings as seen with murals created outdoors.

You need to ponder what kind of images you need in a wall mural that suits your company message. How would a wall mural help your company project a message, plus create emotions in your customers?

Finding Your Message

You can almost compare a wall mural to a giant, non-animated LED screen. Even if objects don’t move, graphics will still look real thanks to the vivid digital imaging process. The key is finding what kind of images best suit your business, whether it’s showcasing objects, people, or natural environments.

This might be more of a creative challenge for you if you need to convey a message in large form. Most of your store signage has possibly been uniform in design and in using standard imagery. In some cases, perhaps you’ve only used textual designs for your in-store signage.

Brainstorm on what your company really stands for, then find one or several images that would best bring the most powerful emotion. If you can’t think of imagery directly related to your company, think of images that best represent your personality.

These images might be of people who you’ve helped or work for you. When you have a big, bright, and colorful image of real people on your wall mural, it’s going to look stunning when customers walk in. Along with your company message incorporated into the mural, these images always stand out.

Even more so, scenes of nature look like a panoramic window to an inviting place. For a travel agency, or a business that has some connection to nature, a giant wall mural showing a beach, a mountain range, or a large field looks amazing. When you have the wall exposed so it’s seen from every possible angle of your interior, it sets an immediate impression.

With these wall mural images helping attract people, how do they nurture emotions in the viewer?

Wall Murals Affecting Emotions

Science says that color affects our moods, and a large wall mural can do just that in your customers. How could it adjust moods of people who might feel anxious about visiting you for the first time?

If you have a medical office, for instance, you could easily calm your first-time patients with a soothing wall mural showing a peaceful vista. In a law firm, first-time clients who feel nervous about a legal issue would feel better seeing a wall mural with assuring images that take away any thought of law.

For a retail store environment, showing large, appealing images of your products also gives a more transparent view of the things you sell. When you enlarge those images, you show texture as a way of presenting the true quality of the items you produce.

Here at Revolution Wraps, let us show you how much wall murals affect your message, and how people feel about you.

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