Plumbing Van Wraps Dramatically Increase Name Recognition

Plumbing Van Wraps Dramatically Increase Name Recognition

Your plumbing business faces daily competition from other professionals in this niche. To compete, you have already put together a menu of services that sets you apart from others in the field. You have tweaked your website, added a blog and pursued numerous advertising options. If you have not yet commissioned plumbing van wraps, you are missing out.

Arrive at the Job Site with a Marketing Message

Your van transports your tools and parts. You always take it to the job site. Whether you handle residential or commercial plumbing jobs – or both – consider that having this vehicle present whenever you are on the premises opens the door for an excellent advertising opportunity.

If you have thus far arrived in a nondescript plain van, you have missed out on the chance to let other consumers know who is being entrusted with the work. Since everyone will need the services of a plumber at some point, it makes sense to market to those around the area where you work.

Opt for a Long-term Marketing and Branding Display

Getting across your marketing and branding messages is easy with plumbing van wraps.

  • Always visible. Once installed, the wrap advertises your plumbing company around the clock on each day of the year. Whether you just keep the van parked in front of your shop, take it out to buy supplies or arrive at a job site, the message is constantly on.
  • Highly noticeable. Studies have proven that vehicle wraps are indeed noticeable. While a consumer might miss a work van that is parked in front of a home, this same potential client notices the van when it features colorful graphics and bold text. In fact, 91 percent of survey respondents affirm that they have noticed vehicle graphics.
  • Greater name recognition. Becoming a household name is a necessary step to staying in business and having a busy schedule. In addition to being noticed, a van wrap has the potential of giving you a fifteen times greater name recognition than you are getting now. This type of increase can position you as the plumber who gets the call in the case of a customer’s emergency.
  • Enhanced brand awareness. Hand in hand with name recognition is the consumer’s ability to connect your name with a particular product or service. Since your wrapped plumbing van is a 24/7 moving billboard, your branding message reaches consumers of your target demographic. With an estimated 30,000 to 70,000 folks seeing your vehicle on a daily basis, a wrap installation is an excellent method for increasing brand awareness.

Anatomy of a Successful Wrap

We recommend the installation of plumbing van wraps on each of your fleet vehicles. Colorful graphics should remind of the hues you have chosen on your website. Doing so ensures that consumers who have read up on your business online recognize the colors and graphics right away. Your company’s name and logo are of enormous importance and therefore take up a prominent place in the display. Next, adding contact information helps potential customers to get in contact with your. Whether you prefer the use of a phone number or web is up to you.

Our graphic artists understand that sometimes the design of such an impacting wrap can seem daunting. Contact us to learn more about the process and to get started discussing the look of your van’s wrap design. We work with you to incorporate any style elements and artwork that you already have. If you are new to this niche, we can help you to put together the look of a professional company that expertly markets and brands your plumbing business. Call us today to get started.