Wall Murals Connect Innovation with Art

From ancient times wall murals have straddled art and advertisement, bridging the gap between information and inspiration. This ancient Mayan mural may give modern scientists information about ancient trade, political structure and eighth-century Mayan scholars, but it had layers of contemporary social significance, too. For example, an attendant makes it into the picture assisting the king with his headdress, providing some humor with one of the first known photobombs. 

In more recent times, a Princeton High School alumna in Cincinnati tries to raise awareness of a mural in order to save it. It’s important because

The panels, designed by Cincinnati painter and muralist Carl Zimmerman in 1958, reflect Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages of Man.”

The mural marries art with community identity. It makes the school an immediately recognizable landmark. Big artistic statements have this effect through the ages.

Wall murals have an important place in your business, too. Images the size of your walls soothe or excite, comfort or call to action. In other words, they set the tone for how your clients perceive their time with you.

Images–especially larger-than-life images-impact people. They long to be in a beautiful landscape, they lose themselves in a fanciful picture, they identify with recognizable trademarks. Perhaps most importantly, people walk away from wall murals with more than a fleeting impression. They remember the mural, and they remember the business that makes it part of their atmosphere.

Our wall murals take your business message to the next level, connecting art with innovation.

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